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The Anglican Church of El Salvador

The Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador is a different option to live spirituality and our relationship with GOD, basing our FAITH in the hope of Jesus Christ, in the sacred Scriptures, and the Sacraments: Holy Baptism, Holy Eucharist. We confess the Apostolic, Nicene, and Athanacian Creeds. We also have the historical ministries: Bishopric, Presbyterate and Diaconate.

We are ecumenical and we maintain fraternal relationships, dialogue and interdenominational friendship with different Christian churches. We work for conciliation and social peace through Strengthening Love towards GOD and Others.

Our Anglican Episcopal Church is organized into 22 congregations, missions, and chapels. In addition, the Church has various pastoral and social programs.

The maximum expression of unity is the Bishop who is currently represented by the Most Reverend Juan David Alvarado and the maximum expression of Authority of our Church is the Diocesan Convention that meets once a year.

Anglicanism came to El Salvador in the 30's with the English-speaking communities residing in the country. At present, this church is an option for growth, a different way of life and spirituality for more than 6 thousand members of 22 congregations, missions and chapels throughout the national territory, where every week they meet to celebrate the Holy Eucharist; share the Sacred Scriptures and live together as a true family in Christ.

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